Quilts by Fran Cowen Adler
Fabrics by Michael D. Schrock


About the fabric designer:

Michael Douglas Schrock has been drawing and painting pictures for as long as he can remember. After completing military service, he studied art and psychology at Eastern Michigan University, and has engaged in a variety of artistic pursuits including printmaking, wood carving, and glass etching. Throughout, Mike has continued to draw and paint and has produced numerous acrylic paintings, many of which may be described as surreal landscapes. Since moving to an old farmhouse outside Manchester, Michigan, Mike has been inspired by the natural beauty of the countryside surrounding him, and his intensely colorful paintings of old barns, trees, and pastoral scenes reflect his love of the outdoors. He has produced commissioned wall murals as well as canvas paintings, and since Mike and Fran started collaborating, he is also painting on fabric.

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